E-Gift Cards with a Zap!

Automate the sending of e-gift cards as rewards, incentives, and payouts with the Tango Card Zapier app.

Step up your gift-card game by automating your rewards program to immediately send rewards, incentives, and payouts to recipients.


Rewards Genius is our self-serve portal for ordering e-gift cards and managing reward, incentive, and payout programs—and signing up for an account is the first step to streamlining your program’s workflow with Zapier.








Popular Tango Card Zaps


Check out these Zaps connecting some of the most common enterprise applications to Tango Card. If you’re looking to automate your rewards program, they’re the perfect way to get up and running quickly.













Setting Up Your First Zap



Create your first Zap in four easy steps—no coding required!

  • Create a trigger
  • Pick an action—we suggest using Tango Card test credentials to build your Zap:
  • Platform name: ZapierDemo
  • Platform key: WEzIsMS$j@Rybc?GE?PA&&LUHCcBgG?mQtjd@pRm&ksw
  • Choose a reward
  • Test and finalize

Once completed email us to get production credentials and start sending rewards.

For step-by-step instructions for setting up a Zap, take a look at our user guide.