Rewards Genius for Salesforce

Drive results with e-gift cards sent directly from the sales or service cloud.

With Rewards Genius for Salesforce, it’s now even easier to use e-gift cards to engage prospects, reward customers, and incentivize employees. Available for download within the AppExchange, Rewards Genius for Salesforce enables users on the sales and service clouds to send rewards and incentives directly from Salesforce.

Drive Desired Results

  • Keep prospects moving through the pipeline with milestone rewards.
  • Send your top prospects anniversary and birthday gifts to keep relationships strong.

Customer Support
  • Make it right for frustrated customers with a quickly delivered e-gift card.
  • Increase speed to resolution for a customer who needs a quick solution.

  • Increase webcast attendance by offering an e-gift card to anyone who attends.
  • Keep top influencers engaged with easy-to-deliver thank-you gifts.

How It Works

Drive results in four steps:

  1. Download the app to connect your Salesforce instance with Rewards Genius.
  2. Create manual and automatic reward programs within Salesforce, depending on your goals.
  3. Start sending e-gift cards in real time to prospects, customers, and more.
  4. Track rewards to better gauge ROI and the success of different programs—enabling you to continually revise your reward strategy for greatest effect.

Everything You Need

Make using e-gift cards simpler.

Integrated e-gift card delivery within your Salesforce instance

Complete automation enables Salesforce actions to trigger e-gift card delivery

Tie incentives directly to key activities to drive results

Clear visibility for reporting purposes

Broad application of use cases across sales, service, and marketing

What’s Next

Download the Rewards Genius app to start sending rewards and incentives directly from the sales or service cloud—or contact us to talk about how we can help make sending rewards easier.