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Give a choice of e-gift cards

The easiest way to give the reward of choice

Why Reward Link

Give your people the reward of choice.

No Subscription Fees

Access digital rewards with no subscription fees.


Recipients choose from an assortment of 80+ e-gift cards.

Email Configuration

Add your brand to email templates to connect your brand and the reward in your recipient's mind.


Rewards are delivered immediately by email.

Mobile Friendly

It works great on smartphones.

How It Works
Watch how easy it is for your recipients to receive a Reward Link via email and then redeem it for awesome rewards.
How It Works

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Available Countries

The Reward Link is available in the countries and currencies below. Please contact your customer success manager or to review the full catalog associated with each international Reward Link.

ARS Preferred Card

Argentina | ARS

AUD Preferred Card

Australia | AUD

BEL Preferred Card

Belgium | BEL

BRL Preferred Card

Brazil | BRL

CAD Preferred Card

Canada | CAD

EUR Preferred Card

France | EUR

EUR Preferred Card

Germany| EUR

INR Preferred Card

India | INR

INR Preferred Card

Ireland | EUR

EUR Preferred Card

Italy | EUR

NLD Preferred Card

Netherlands | NLD

PRT Preferred Card

Portugal | PRT

SAU Preferred Card

Saudi Arabia | SAU

SGD Preferred Card

Singapore | SGD

EUR Preferred Card

Spain | EUR

AED Preferred Card

United Arab Emirates | AED

GBP Preferred Card

United Kingdom | GBP

USD Preferred Card

United States (USA) | USD

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