Recipient Experience

Learn about the redemption process for Reward Link recipients.

Choose Your Own Reward

    A Reward Link can be redeemed for e-gift cards and sometimes more! Companies that send the Reward Link can customize their catalogs, so yours may differ from the standard catalog. With the standard Reward Link, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Choose from over 80+ premium retail e-gift cards, such as, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.
  • Choose one reward or break up your value over several gift cards.
  • View the standard Reward Link catalog in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Instant Delivery—Spend Where You Want

  • The Reward Link and redemption choice(s) are delivered instantly to your inbox via email.
  • E-gift cards can be spent online or in-store.

On-Call Support

    If you’re having trouble with your Reward Link, the Tango Card team is available to help:

  • Email us at
  • Call us at 1.877.55.TANGO.

It’s easy! Follow these three steps:
  • You receive your Reward Link via email.
  • Click the redemption link in your email and choose how to redeem your reward.
  • Your reward choice is emailed to you ready to spend!
  • The below catalog is for the Reward Link Preferred. You may receive a Reward Link with a different selection depending to which reward program you belong.

    When Will My E-Gift Card(s) Arrive?

    Your e-gift cards will arrive in your email inbox right away. If you don’t receive your reward email, please check your promotions or spam folders. If it has been longer than one business day and you still have not received your reward email, please contact our customer support team at or 1.877.558.2646.

    Can I Combine Two Reward Links?

    At this time, you need to spend your Reward Link value independently. However, this is a requested feature and will be available in the future.

    I Have a Tango Card – Is It the Same as a Reward Link?

    The Tango Card was our choice reward option before Reward Link. The Tango Card cannot be combined with a Reward Link and cannot be redeemed on this site. If you believe you have outstanding Tango Card value you can spend it here. If you need help tracking down a Tango Card you have misplaced, contact our customer support team or 1.877.558.2646.

    Can I Return a Reward Link?

    Reward Links can’t be returned. They can be used to purchase retail gift cards. If you want, you can also re-gift it! Simply edit the email at checkout to send to a friend or family member.

    Do Reward Links Expire?

    Reward Link balances do not expire unless otherwise noted in the original email containing your Reward Link.

    Can I Cancel an Order or Return an E-Gift Card?

    Once an order is fulfilled, it can’t be canceled, returned, or exchanged for a different retail gift card. Please ensure your order is correct and the recipient email address is accurate before placing your order.

    Can I Use E-Gift Cards In-Store?

    Absolutely! Most electronic retail gift cards we offer can be used in-store by simply printing out the e-gift card and presenting it to the cashier. However, some retailers have special instructions for in-store use. Be sure to double-check how your retailer wants you to use your gift card in store before you go to the store.

    Can I Request a Physical Gift Card Instead of an E-Gift Card?

    Our e-gift cards are delivered electronically via email within one (1) business day. We have transitioned away from physical gift cards to provide faster and more secure delivery. All electronic gift cards have the same functionality as a physical card.

    Can I Redeem for Cash?

    No. You can choose one of our many gift card options or you can send your balance to someone else as a gift.

    My E-Gift Card Code/Pin Does Not Work.

    For security reasons, e-gift cards are usually sent with a code/pin. If you encounter an error when redeeming your card, this is typically the result of issues with cutting and pasting the code. Be sure there are no extra spaces added when entering the code into the retailer’s activation field. If you need help, contact us.

    What if I Have a Problem with an E-Gift Card After I Receive it?

    Once you receive an e-gift card, the merchant provides customer support directly to you, just like any gift card. You can find contact information in the email containing your gift card. We will work to assist as much as we can. However, once you have received the e-gift card, it is best to start with the merchant’s customer support team. Some retailers have special instructions.

    What Happens if I Lose the Retail Gift Card?

    Since all retail gift cards are delivered electronically via email, we can simply resend it to you. Just contact us. Please note that gift cards are just like cash. If lost, their value can be used by someone else.