Automate Incentives in Your Qualtrics Surveys

Easily configure Qualtrics surveys to automatically send a Reward Link upon survey completion.

Use Rewards Genius, our self-serve portal, to host your Qualtrics incentive integration and incentivize respondents with the Reward Link—our most impactful digital reward.
Within the portal, you’ll be able to create and manage incentives for multiple surveys as well as:
• Fund your account—and control overall program spend with the survey performance dashboard.
• Customize the look of the incentives while controlling how many can be earned on a study and recipient basis.
• Provide customer support to your survey respondents.
Connect with a Rewards Genius team member to learn more by filling out Qualtrics Form or emailing

Resources and Support

To get started, you’ll need to complete three steps:


  1. Sign up for Rewards Genius
  2. Set up your Rewards Genius account account by following the steps outlined in our Getting Started Guide
  3. Create your Qualtrics Incentive using our step-by-step Qualtrics Integration Set-Up Guide

Rewards Genius & Incentives:
For questions about your Rewards Genius portal or incentives, email
Qualtrics Platform:
For questions dealing directly with the Qualtrics XM platform, visit the Qualtrics Support Center.

Where do I log in to Rewards Genius?
Once you’ve received your invite to the Rewards Genius platform, log in here. We suggest bookmarking this site for future visits.
How much do rewards cost?
E-gift cards cost only their face value. For example, a $25 e-gift card from Rewards Genius costs $25.
My survey will have international respondents. Can I still use this integration?
Yes! Depending on your respondent population, you’ll have the option to send the domestic Reward Link or a number of international Reward Links.
I am not a company; can I still sign up?
For security purposes, we only work with registered companies. A federal tax ID number is required to complete your Rewards Genius registration.
How do I fund an account?
We accept all major credit cards, ACH/wire, and physical checks:
Credit Card: Register a credit card in your Rewards Genius account and then initiate a funding event. Funds may take up to one business day to be applied.
ACH/Wire: To access these instructions, including our banking information, navigate to the Funding section of your Rewards Genius account.
Physical Checks: Mail checks to us at Tango Card, 4700 42nd Ave SW, Suite 430A, Seattle, WA 98116