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Sales—Buy rewards from Tango Card.

Partnerships—Want your gift card in our catalog?

Press—Contact the Tango Card marketing team.

Security Issues—Contact Tango Card technical and developer support.

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We’re here to make sure the rewards you order through Rewards Genius are always easy to send and awesome to receive!

Rewards Genius Quick-Start Guide

Check out our comprehensive guide to setting up your Rewards Genius account.

Getting Started with Rewards Genius

Our guide takes you through everything you need to start sending orders from your Rewards Genius account—from logging into Rewards Genius to funding your account to placing your first order.

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Weekly Webcast

We know some people learn better with videos rather than articles—which is why we produce regular how-to webcasts for users. Check out our upcoming webcasts below.

Rewards Genius: From Sign-Up to Your First Order

Join us every Tuesday from 1pm–2pm PT for a step-by-step walk-through of Rewards Genius.

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You can fund via credit card for a 3.5% processing fee or you can send Tango Card an ACH, wire, or physical check. For more specifics, check out our funding articles.

You can send rewards out on the standard Tango Card template if you’re in a hurry, but otherwise Rewards Genius lets you customize your reward email template(s)—including subject line, messaging, banner image, and more! View our guide for step-by-step instructions.

Rewards Genius offers three distinct ordering methods: simple, advanced, and bulk. Check out this article for more info on which option is right for you—and then click through to view detailed instructions.

The Order History page in your Rewards Genius portal contains all previous orders you’ve sent as well as relevant details. Check out our article for more info on what you can see on this page—as well as how to make the most of it.

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